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Thanks for visiting! Here’s a brief introduction about us.

Who are we?

Jiaren Lau is my name. I have been passionate about photography since 2004. My trusty sidekick, best friend, and fiancée, Stephanie, is the brains behind the operation and inspires me to take all the shots that end up being my personal favourites.

I discovered photography in college and got serious about it in university. As my skills grew, people started offering to pay me for my services. I began by taking photos for a local auction house selling high-end watches, jewelry, yachts, and livestock. From there, I coupled my photography with my Masters in Business Administration degree to manage marketing for a prominent real estate company working directly under the then Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Zone Chairman and previous REIQ Vice President and built a decent real estate photography portfolio. Together, we built a high-gloss magazine. It featured local artists, fashion, dining, culture, travel, and a host of local stories. It had a unique photography twist – none of the images were allowed to be photoshopped. I still carry that philosophy with me today.

Where are we?

We are currently based in Perth. Mainly, we shoot in and around the metro region. On occasion, we have driven as far as Busselton for photo shoots. Also, I am all for meeting up with other photographers and exchanging ideas and knowledge.

What do we shoot?

My particular interests include panoramic landscape, portraiture, and events. I have shot weddings, formal VIP events, commercial, and high profile music events. My specialization is in portraiture and have shot many single, couple, and group portraiture sessions. I always shoot on-location and enjoy using the world as my studio.

Anything else?

My photography has been featured on Schmap.com, vtravelled.com, abc.net.au, thechronicle.com.au, among many others. I shoot enjoy shooting multiple formats. My kit normally consists of the following:

  • Digital:
    • Nikon FX
    • Olympus m4/3
  • Film:
    • Nikon 35mm
    • Holga 120mm
  • Instant:
    • Polaroid 600
    • SX-70
    • Packfilm Land cameras
    • Fujifilm Instax Mini
    • Fujifilm Instax Wide
  • Mobile:
    • Huawei P9

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