Destination: Cingjing Farm – Nantou, Taiwan

Little Europe

If one were to be pedantic, it would be spelt Qingjing Farm, but we’re arguing semantics at that point. It is also known as Little Switzerland…and it doesn’t take long to see why. The Cinging Farm is one of the most famous attractions in the Nantou region and with good reason.

Unfortunately, time was not on our side that day and we ended up having to rush through the amazing countryside. As a matter of fact, this farm was the only stop we made along the 180km windy mountain route from the Taroko Gorge to the Sun Moon Lake.

Great decision.

The entrance is strategically positioned to block the mountainside so much so that you are unable to see past the tall towers, walls, fences, or simply the outside toilet beside the car park. The entrance fee was $NT160 (~AU$7) if I remember correctly. As soon as you step through the gates is like walking through a portal and you are greeted to a small castle set against a sea of hilltops in the background.

Qinging Farm, Nantou

In the foreground is lush green with beautifully saturated grass for the little sheep to graze. I have to admit the low clouds greatly added to the dramatic vista.

Obligatory selfie

Jia and Steph at Cingjing


Steph at Cingjing Veterans Farm

Albeit brief, it left a lasting impression

I have no idea what they havest here but I can imagine the climate would be perfect for some tea, flowers, and other special fruits.

Cingjing Veterans Farm

My favorite photo from this day is actually on the main page (which is why I didn’t include it here in this post…but here it is if you are interested.

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