Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia

Sugarloaf Rock

Sugarloaf Rock. What an awesome name. What a spectacular vista.

This is by far my favourite place in Western Australia. Seriously, I should do a blog post on this place alone. As you drive up Cape Naturaliste you could literally take any turn off on a detour and get some jaw-dropping scenery. Watch out for the turning to Sugarloaf Rock as the sign is tiny but it is just off the main road.

As you’re driving in, it feels like the scenery is teasing you for whats to come. Its a long straight road with bushes on either side that are higher than most cars. No ocean in sight. Just when it feels like there is no end the bushes on the left fade way just enough and you get a sneak peek of the amazing coastline. As you keep driving the road slowly but surely transitions to a slope. It disappears ever so slowly underneath the bonnet like a curtain is being unveiled and then *BAM* there it is.

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